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Book Marketing

Posted Aug 11 2019

Book Marketing <> All self-published authors know that finishing your book is only part of the battle. . . you now have to make sure people read it. One of the most effective ways to promote an ebook is to harness the power of established book promotion sites and tap into their readership. Some of […]


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KDP Select vs. “Going Wide” — Which Option is Right For You?

Posted Feb 28 2019 in , , , , , , ,

If you’re considering self-publication or are self-pubbed now, this is an interesting and unbiased article about Kindle Direct Publishing versus other digital publishing avenues. There are also some good comments below the article. Click on “Read More…” for the link. Enjoy!


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Writing in trying times

Posted Jun 30 2018

One of the writers on the PRO list asked some excellent questions the other day about writing during trying times. She was referencing the current political climate, but I think the questions really applies to any trying times: How do we keep writing? How many of our problems do we bring into our books? Do […]




Posted May 29 2018

Finishing the manuscript. It’s the big deal, right? The thing we all, every one of us, have to accomplish if we want to get published. But getting from “Once upon a . . . ” to “. . . happily ever after!” takes some work.  One school of thought is the daily goal. This daily […]



Subtext: Microscope

Posted Apr 20 2018

We’ve discussed the big picture for subtext. Now let’s shift the focus! A microscope is a tool that lets the viewer see, in great detail, things that are too small to be apparent to the naked eye. Similarly, micro subtexts are the tiny “tells” that subtly cue the reader to understand the things that aren’t […]


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