Florida West Coast Writers, Inc. is pleased to introduce our Ignite Your Imagination speakers and workshops!


Roxanne St. Claire is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of more than fifty novels of suspense and romance and many popular series, including the Dogfather, Barefoot Bay, the Guardian Angelinos, and the Bullet Catchers. In addition, she has penned numerous stand alone books and two young adult novels.

In addition to being a ten-time nominee and one-time winner of Romance Writers of America prestigious RITA Award, Roxanne has won the National Reader’s Choice Award for best romantic suspense four times, as well as the Daphne du Maurier Award, the HOLT Medallion, the Maggie, Booksellers Best, Book Buyers Best, the Award of Excellence, and many others. Her books have been translated into dozens of languages and one has been optioned for film.

Roxanne lives with her husband and adorable dog, and still tries to run the lives of her 20-something kids.  She can be reached via her website, www.roxannestclaire.com or on her Facebook Reader page, www.facebook.com/roxannestclaire and on Twitter at www.twitter.com/roxannestclaire.

Roxanne will be our keynote speaker at Saturday’s luncheon, and will also present a workshop along with Kristin Painter.

Kristen Painter, USA Today Bestselling author, is a little obsessed with cats, books, sweets, and handbags. It’s a healthy mix. She loves to entertain her readers with interesting twists and unforgettable characters. She currently writes the best-selling paranormal romance series, Nocturne Falls, and the breakout paranormal women’s fiction series, First Fangs Club. The former college English teacher can often be found all over social media where she loves to interact with readers.

She lives with her retired Air Force husband and a horde of feline dependents. You can find Kristen at https://kristenpainter.com/, www.facebook.com/KristenPainterAuthor, and twitter.com/Kristen_Painter

Workshop: From Midlist to Mad Money. Two best-selling, award-winning, formerly traditionally published indie authors, Roxanne St. Clair and Kristen Painter, share their secrets for launching an indie publishing career in a way that makes an impact and provides the strongest chance for success. Based on their personal experiences, they map out the details that took them from traditionally published mid-list to indies making six figures a year. The discussion will include how to come up with marketable ideas that still resonate with who you are as an author, planning your year in advance, branding, using social media to your advantage, best launch practices, time management, rights management, and how to get it all done without losing your mind. In addition, the authors will take questions. Attendees should come away with a fully formed plan to launch themselves into self-publishing and a better understanding of what it takes to make a living wage as an independent author.

C.L. Wilson is a USA Today, New York Times, and Publisher’s Weekly bestselling author of epic fantasy romance.

Praised for exceptional worldbuilding and lyric prose, C.L. Wilson’s unique blend of action, romance, and richly-imagined fantasy have endeared her books to romance and fantasy readers alike.  Her critically acclaimed and award winning novels have regularly appeared on bestseller lists including the USA Today, the New York Times, and Publisher’s Weekly. The 2018 recipient of the Romantic Times Career Achievement award for fantasy romance is currently at work writing her next fantasy romance, THE JAGUAR KING as well as her long-awaited return to her Fading Lands world.

 C.L. Wilson can be found online at: www.clwilson.com, www.facebook.com/authorclwilsonhttps://www.instagram.com/cl_wilson_books, and Twitter: @clwilsonbooks.

When not torturing her characters mercilessly, C.L. enjoys reading, questing through the wilds of the latest Elder Scrolls game, and playing Catan with friends and family. 

Workshop: Wondrous Worldbuilding

Paranormal and fantasy writing has been a mainstay of storytelling since before authors could chisel words on a stone tablet.  From winged horses and the gods of Olympus, to shapeshifters, wizards and fur-footed Hobbits, to spaceships, lightsabers, and Spice, fantasy worlds and fantastic creatures have enthralled audiences and unleashed imaginations in ways no other form of storytelling can. 

But in order for fantastic tales to truly captivate, the fantasy elements have to be much more than just window-dressing.  Successful worldbuilding requires a solid foundation, a well-drawn and detailed set of blueprints, a healthy dose of creativity, and most of all, tight and inextricable integration with your story.

Join NY Times bestselling author C.L. Wilson for an interactive workshop on how to architect fantastic worlds that capture a reader’s imagination and won’t let go.

NOTE: This workshop is not just for fantasy/paranormal/sci-fi writers because whether you know it or not – all fiction writers worldbuild.  Non-fantasy writers just call it by different names, chiefly research, setting, and characterization.  Though the emphasis of this workshop will be on the creative Imagineering of worlds, the techniques of the worldbuilder can and should be applied to every work of fiction. 

Shirley Jump is an award-winning, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today bestselling author who has published more than 70 books in 24 countries. She has written for Harlequin, Berkley and Grand Central, and has published romance, women’s fiction and teen horror. She is the recipient of several awards, including the Booksellers’ Best and the Holt Medallion.

In spring 2019, her fourth non-fiction book was released, Vance Johnson: Uncovered, a biography, written with the former Denver Bronco and NFL superstar. Shirley also does content editing, author coaching and teaches writing, online and in-person. This year, one of the books she edited was a finalist in the Romance Writers of America RITA® contest. A former reporter, she has a background in all aspects of writing, from hard news to publicity to fiction. Visit her website at www.ShirleyJump.com or see her on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn @ShirleyJump.


Show, Not TellHow many times have you heard of this concept…and not quite known how to do it? Or gotten a critique that said you are telling too much? Or are you just not getting that emotional punch you want in your work? This most basic of writing concepts can also be one of the most difficult to master in the beginning. Join New York Times bestselling author Shirley Jump as she leads an interactive workshop that gives you easy, manageable tips that will have you bringing your fiction to life right away. Hands-on homework with feedback helps you actually see the difference between telling and showing and employ the techniques in class. Level: Intermediate”

Elissa Wilds  is an award-winning author of paranormal romance and is currently working on an oracle card deck and non-fiction and fiction projects. She is a professional psychic medium with over 25 years of experience. She has studied with the top Psychic Mediums in the world and has been teaching others how to tap into their own intuition for well over a decade. She is known for her high level of psychic accuracy, her ability to bring through precise details and startling evidence from those who have passed to the Other Side, and her warm, down-to-earth style.  You can learn more about her at www.elissawilds.com.

Workshop: Intuitive Creating – Writing from Within. Did you know that each of us is intuitive? And that we all have unique ways in which we tap into that intuitive knowing? Are you a see-er? A feel-er? A hear-er? A know-er? Or some combination of these? In this workshop, you’ll learn how your intuition works and how it is linked to your creativity. By understanding the ways in which inspiration flows through you, you’ll be able to recognize when your intuition is trying to get your attention, purposefully tune into and turn on your psychic centers, and thus experience greater creative output.

Join the speakers at the book signing on Sunday from 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM.