Book Challenge Program

FWCW members can win money for writing a book(s) within the calendar year! Members submit up to five (5) finished (they don’t have to polished!) manuscripts of fiction between January 1st and August 31st of each year.

computerThe Book Challenge collects ten dollars (S10.00) entry fee per book. After payment is received, you must write a minimum of 40,000 NEW words on each manuscript. Anthologies are eligible if the combined words in the series total a minimum of 40,000 words.

The collected entry money is given away in a drawing at FWCW’s Holiday Party. First place winner receives 50%! Participants must submit their completed manuscript file(s) at the end of the challenge for verification of word count to be eligible for the drawing.

Book Challenge participants encourage one another when they report their weekly progress on FWCW’s Book Challenge loop page. Become a FWCW member and join the fun of friendly competition by entering the Book Challenge.