February 11, 2023 – Heather E. Andrews & Debbie Santos Goncalves

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Heather E. Andrews & Debbie Santos Goncalves

Heather E. Andrews Bio

Heather E. Andrews grew up in the Pacific Northwest but followed her parents to the East Coast, leaving behind the green forests of Camano Island for the mountains of the Adirondacks. After spending years in school pursuing an academic career, she put down the calculator and decided to follow her dreams. Now she fills her days writing stories of heroes and heroines overcoming their struggles and finding happiness in each other’s arms. 

Writing and publishing books, as fulfilling as it is, doesn’t always pay the bills. So Heather took over thirty years of experience with the written word to help others fulfill their dreams by becoming an editor. She doesn’t regret it a bit. The English language is so weird and she’s obsessed with its eccentricities.  

Her life is full with a loving husband, two neurotic pugs, and three very needy guinea pigs. She loves to hear from readers and is always interested in working with new clients. 

 h.e.andrewsauthor@gmail.com and www.heather-e-andrews.com

Debbie Santos Goncalves Bio

Debbie has always had a passion for books. As a little girl, she dreamed of having stacks of Little Golden Books piled up like columns. By the time she turned eleven, she dreamed of collecting Nancy Drew books. And as an adult, she fell in love with romance books and wanted to have shelves lined with romance books. She still does, only now, she wants those shelves to be filled with romance books autographed by authors she knows personally.

Debbie is currently working on a romantic suspense series of her own. She also critiques for fellow romance authors, making suggestions on both the grammar and the story. And she judges for writing contests. In doing so, she gives detailed feedback to the author, both on grammar issues and any story issues. She takes pleasure in making suggestions that help the author succeed.

The combined satisfaction of all of these experiences, have led Debbie down a path to copyediting. She has come to realize that she enjoys improving grammar. Yes, she’s correcting, but in some instances, she thinks of it more as “improving” because certain things are actually not exactly incorrect but could be better. Of course, there are always the things that are absolutely, totally, and definitely incorrect and need to be corrected. It’s a mixture of correcting, improving and sometimes even manipulating grammar that makes the writing better, stronger, and greater. 

And to ensure a job well done—or just for fun—Debbie continuously brushed up on her grammar through online classes. When she’s not taking any, she actually misses it. She really is a grammar geek and loves it.

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