The 2022 Florida West Coast Writers Annual Contest


You’ll receive your entries the beginning of January 2023 and will have approximately four weeks to judge them

The FWCW Executive Board is asking every member to judge at least two contest entries to help spread the workload. Along with each entry, you’ll receive a short summary of the full manuscript. You DO NOT have to judge or score the summary, but we encourage you to make comments as needed. We hope you will use the summary as a source to give a more accurate judgment of the story.

All members please complete and submit the form below. We try to give members who register their preferred categories to judge. You can study and follow the Judges & Scoring Guidelines and 2021 FWCW Contest Scoresheet. If you have any questions or concerns about judging, please contact the contest directors at

FWCW promotes Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in our contest. Any persons regardless of their race, color, gender, gender expression, religion/creed, age, disability, or sexual orientation are welcome and encouraged to enter the FWCW Contest. We maintain the highest degree of anonymity, therefore every entry is judged solely on the fundamentals of writing.

Judges Registration Form

Critique or Beta Read Partner(s):
Please list first and last name of people you critique and/or beta read for so you're not assigned their entries.
Categories - Which categories do you prefer to judge?
If you have any questions or concerns about judging, please list them here or contact the contest directors at
I agree to treat everyone’s idea as their own and respect their creative ownership. If the contest directors deem it necessary, I will reevaluate my comments and/or scores of an entry, or present sufficient justification for my comments and/or scores. I understand that ALL aspects of an entry are confidential and WILL NOT discuss an entry with anyone other than the contest directors. The FWCW Contest Committee reserves the right to edit a judge's comments on the entry and/or score sheet if necessary to meet Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion guidelines. I have read and understand the Contest Judging Guidelines and agree to abide by them.